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Message 1 - Jill Garry
I absolutely love your books! I just made a list of which ones I've read and so far I have enjoyed 16 books. I can't wait for Dream Daughter to come out in October. Thank you for your talent!
10 August 2018

Diane   Jill, thanks for letting me know you're enjoying them. And there actually IS a very helpful list, with extra info on my books and a place to check off the ones you've read. Go to my BOOKS page on my website and on the right hand side, click on printable book list. Enjoy!

Message 2 - Thora Gudmundsdottir
Just finished Necessary Lies...thank you for a very interesting read! Living in Iceland it was fascinating to get immersed in life in Carolina in the 60´s, the contrasts, living conditions and womens´rights. Looking forward to reading more of your books...
8 August 2018

Diane   Thanks, Thora! I love that some of my books are now available in Iceland and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Message 3 - Consuela
I just finished The Secret life of CeeCee Wilkes. It was such a great story that held my interest to the last page. I must admit it made me cry at some parts. I have read about 9 of your books so far and plan on reading them all. I am so glad I found your writings. I love how you talk about North Carolina in your books too! I moved to Raleigh 12 years ago and loved it ever since. Thank you again for many days and evenings of enjoyment from reading your books.
8 August 2018

Diane   Thank you for letting me know you're enjoying my books, Consuela. I hope you'll join me at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh on October 2 for the launch of my next book, The Dream Daughter!

Message 4 - Diane Steadman
Just discovered your books and I’m loving them. Started with Silent Sister and I couldn’t put it down. Now reading Necessary Lies. Loving it too! So happy to find good reads from such a great writer! Thank you!
24 July 2018

Diane   So glad you're enjoying my books. In case you don't know, on the BOOKS page of this website, on the right hand side, you'll find printable booklist for the US, UK and AU. They can help you keep track of what you've read. Enjoy!

Message 5 - Karyn Ciepluch
Couldn't put down The Stolen Marriage book, it was a great read. I enjoyed the book and want to tell everyone to read it.
6 July 2018

Diane   Thank you, Karyn. I love it when my readers spread the word!

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