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Message 1 - Jo Ann Skiles
I am almost done with the Dream Daughter! It is so good that I don't want it to end!!! You are by far my favorite author!
10 October 2018

Diane   Thank you so much, Jo Ann. Enjoy!

Message 2 - Consuela
Have read most of your books. Have 6 more to get before I have read them all. I tried to order Lovers & Strangers, but it was over $100. Why is that? Thanks for keeping my nights and days so enjoyable these past two years. Looking for ward to opening a new book in about 2 days.
1 October 2018

Diane   Hi Consuela, Iím glad youíre continue to enjoy my books! Lovers and Strangers is the only one completely out of print, which is why itís so hard to find. I havenít brought it back in print because I donít think my current audience would enjoy it, so donít worry about missing it. :)

I hope you love The Dream Daughter.


Message 3 - Consuela
Just finished Secrets at the Beach House and enjoyed it very much.I especially liked the epilogue that was added at the end. I am going to start The Lies we Told this evening as I await this storm (Florence) Hopefully everyone will be safe. Keep writing those wonderful books Ms. Chamberlain. I enjoy them so much.
13 September 2018

Diane   Stay safe, Consuela! We will be sleeping in the basement away from the trees tonight. So glad you're enjoying my books!

Message 4 - Marie A
Hi Dianne. I first wrote to you in March telling you how much I love your books. I have now read 15 of your books and have enjoyed every one of them. I still have 8 unread books waiting to be read. I was able to purchase used paper back books at local used book stores, but the majority I ordered online from the UK. My only disappointment is that I ordered the Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and The Lost Daughter not realizing they were the same story. Do you have any other novels that go by 2 different names? Thanks again for your wonderful books!!
20 August 2018

Diane   So glad you're still enjoying them, Marie, but sorry about CeeCee Wilkes. You found both the US and UK editions (and to complicate matters further, in Australia it's called A Beautiful Lie). This is a rare occurrence, but to prevent it in the future, go to the BOOKS page on my website and on the right hand side, click on the printable booklist for your country. There you'll find all the info you need, including if any books have different titles. Enjoy!

Message 5 - Consuela
I just finished reading Summer's Child. I can't impress upon you how much I enjoy your books. The situations and the personal stories of each character is so amazing. Loved the ending to this book, since I never guessed it. Thank you again for another fine read. Now to get into another great story and any hours of enjoyable reading. Thank you and keep writing!
18 August 2018

Diane   So glad you're enjoying my books, Consuela (and that I can keep you guessing)

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