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Message 1 - Debbie
I just finished reading "Pretending to Dance", I loved the story until the very end. The last four sentences. They broke my heart. You see, I believe with my whole heart there is an afterlife, I believe I will see my father again. I believe in Heaven where we will reunite with our loved ones and there will be no more pain and suffering. I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus and Heaven.
17 February 2018

Diane   Hi Debbie, I'm sorry those last few lines bothered you so much. I stayed true to my character with them and while I've heard from others who didn't like them, I've also heard from many who loved them, including a friend who asked if she could have them read at her funeral! One thing I've learned in 30 years of writing: it's impossible to please everyone. Hope you'll continue to enjoy my stories.

Message 2 - Kim Barron
I have read all your books, but about 3 of them. I still have my copy of the Secret Life of CiCi Wilkes. I thought it was the best ever until I read The Stolen Marriage. That was absolutley GREAT!!! I hope someone makes a movie out of it!!
8 February 2018

Diane   Thank you, Kim! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Message 3 - Anne Kennedy
Diane, I'm so excited that you are re-issuing your older books! I love them just as much as the new ones. It's hard to pick my favorite! Top three are Fire and Rain, The Brass Ring and Reflection. I can't wait for the Dream Daughter!!
30 January 2018

Diane   It's always nice to hear that readers still enjoy my older books. Thanks for letting me know.

Message 4 - Christina
I have read a lot of your books. I love them. I just finished The Silent Sister. Great book!
25 January 2018

Diane   Thanks, Christina!

Message 5 - Wendy Marsh
I have read all your books and have quite a few down loaded on to my Kobo. As a Canadian reader you should add Chapters/Indigo and Kobo to your list of places where to purchase your books. Keep up the great writing.
19 January 2018

Diane   Thanks for the suggestion, Wendy. Glad you're enjoying my books.

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