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Message 1 - Leah
I just finished Fire and Rain. I had stopped reading for awhile and found this book at the library. I loved it and cant wait to read more of your books. I really enjoyed it!! Thanks!!
16 April 2018

Diane   Thanks, Leah. I hope you enjoy the other books just as much, if not more!

Message 2 - Kari
I just finished reading The Silent Sister and loved reading again. I've always had a difficult time choosing books to read and wondering whether I will enjoy the book or not. I'm excited to read your other books, but I'm curious...which one do I read next? I just happened to choose this book while shopping at Target one random day and now I want more!!!!!! Thank you.
16 March 2018

Diane   So glad you enjoyed it. I recommend The Stolen Marriage, which is my latest and seems to be a reader favorite. Happy reading!

Message 3 - Nancy Gilbert
I discovered your books when I borrowed The Stolen Marriage from my libraryís new books shelf. At 62, Iím a lifelong reader; my daughter is a librarian. Thank you for your wonderful, compelling, well written stories. I only wish I had started reading your work sooner and that my library owned all of your titles! I have since read The Silent Sister and Pretending to Dance. Wonderful!
12 March 2018

Diane   I'm so glad you picked up The Stolen Marriage, Nancy, and that you're continuing to enjoy my books. Thank you for letting me know!

Message 4 - Marie A
Thank you for rekindling my love of reading. I have recently read The Stolen Marriage, Pretending To Dance and Necessary Lies. I have just requested The Silent Sister from the library. Your books are beautifully written and difficult to put down. I look forward to reading many more of your wonderful books. Thanks again.
4 March 2018

Diane   Thank you, Marie. I'm so pleased that you're enjoying my books and especially that you're enjoying reading again!

Message 5 - Christine Padidilian
I was never a reader, my entire family would read books and books and I would just prefer to watch the movie ... During my years in New Castle England, I had stumbled upon "The Bay at Midnight" in a charity shop for 50p. Reading the summary of the story caught my interest ... it was the first Book in my life that made me turn to page 2. I loved every bit of detail in that story, how it painted a picture in my head that I still cannot get off my mind. ... I tried reading other similar books of other authors but nothing matched up,... I then found necessary lies and could relate myself to jane so much that I spent an entire day at the office reading the book online. I cried finding happiness at the end of it. Thank you Diane for your lovely stories, to me no one else would ever match up to your work.
23 February 2018

Diane   Thank you for that heart-warming message, Christine. I hope you don't mind that I shortened it so it would fit here in the guest book. Nothing makes me happier than to know my books have turned a non-reader into a reader!

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