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Message 1 - Jacqueline Leatherwood
Diane I recently finished reading the Keeper of the Light Trilogy. Wow, I so enjoyed each of those books! Loved the characters and the mystery. They were so fun to read and full of information. I hated when they ended. However, I have enjoyed reading everyone of your books that I have read so far. And I will continue on. Thank you so much for all the wonderful reading.
16 June 2018

Diane   Jacqueline, I'm so happy you're enjoying my books, and I'm particularly glad you liked that "older" trilogy! Thanks for letting me know.

Message 2 - Barbara Luffman
Hello Diane, I am a huge fan of yours...have read all your books and loved them and own most of them too! Have met you twice and looking forward to seeing you at an event in October when The Dream Daughter comes out!
4 June 2018

Diane   Thanks, Barbara! I look forward to "re-meeting" you in October. I think you're going to love the Dream Daughter!

Message 3 - Consuela
I just finished Keeper of The Light and loved the book. I will be starting Kiss River. I can not express how much I love your work. You tell a story like no other author. I am so glad I found an author who tells a story that holds my interest till the last page is read.
27 May 2018

Diane   What a kind comment, Consuela. I'm happy you're enjoying my books and hope you like the rest of the Keeper trilogy just as much. Happy reading!

Message 4 - Leah
I just finished Fire and Rain. I had stopped reading for awhile and found this book at the library. I loved it and cant wait to read more of your books. I really enjoyed it!! Thanks!!
16 April 2018

Diane   Thanks, Leah. I hope you enjoy the other books just as much, if not more!

Message 5 - Kari
I just finished reading The Silent Sister and loved reading again. I've always had a difficult time choosing books to read and wondering whether I will enjoy the book or not. I'm excited to read your other books, but I'm curious...which one do I read next? I just happened to choose this book while shopping at Target one random day and now I want more!!!!!! Thank you.
16 March 2018

Diane   So glad you enjoyed it. I recommend The Stolen Marriage, which is my latest and seems to be a reader favorite. Happy reading!

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