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Message 1 - Anne Stearn
Diane, Just finished The Dream Daughter, absolutely terrific. I was completely unsociable for two days could not put it down. I loved the time travel in it. I had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next one.
7 November 2018

Diane   So glad you enjoyed it, Anne!

Message 2 - Kim
This book was one of the best books I have read ever! I loved it!
2 November 2018

Diane   Thank you, Kim!

Message 3 - vicki granado
read the dream daughter in two days.i read about three books a week and
have to say this one was the best one i have read for months.hated to see it end.thank you for a wonderful read.
30 October 2018

Diane   Thank you, Vicki!

Message 4 - Meika Thigpen
I have never been an avid reader due to my dyslexia. But two years ago I got a job in a library and thought maybe I should try reading just cause. I read The Silent Sister first and since I have been hooked on you. Now I am nine Diane Chamberlain books and determined to read every single one you have written. So from the sound of the message board, The Dream Daughter is next. I just finished The Good Father last night.
28 October 2018

Diane   Meika, this is my favorite sort of message! I love knowing that I've helped turn a non-reader into a reader. Thank you for letting me know, and enjoy!

Message 5 - Christine Volpini
Just read THE DREAM DAUGHTER. Absolutely the best book I have read in a long time!
Can't say enough about it. I was sad for it to end!
Never read any of your books before but will hunt out another one, though the bar has been set pretty high now!!!
28 October 2018

Diane   I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, Christine. Hope I can continue to keep you entertained!

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