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Message 11 - Anne Kennedy
Diane, I'm so excited that you are re-issuing your older books! I love them just as much as the new ones. It's hard to pick my favorite! Top three are Fire and Rain, The Brass Ring and Reflection. I can't wait for the Dream Daughter!!
30 January 2018

Diane   It's always nice to hear that readers still enjoy my older books. Thanks for letting me know.

Message 12 - Christina
I have read a lot of your books. I love them. I just finished The Silent Sister. Great book!
25 January 2018

Diane   Thanks, Christina!

Message 13 - Wendy Marsh
I have read all your books and have quite a few down loaded on to my Kobo. As a Canadian reader you should add Chapters/Indigo and Kobo to your list of places where to purchase your books. Keep up the great writing.
19 January 2018

Diane   Thanks for the suggestion, Wendy. Glad you're enjoying my books.

Message 14 - Ellie
Hi Diane! I just finished reading " breaking the silence" and it is the best novel Ive ever read. So many emotions found in that wonderful book. Id love to read them all.
regards from Costa Rica
4 January 2018

Diane   Thank you, Ellie. It's one of my favorites, too.

Message 15 - Jacqueline
Diane, I just finished reading "The silent sister"...I couldn't put it down. A friend loaned it to me because she knows how much I love to read especially if it has a hint of mystery to it. And I loved it. I am now hooked and can't wait to read all of your other books. I so appreciate your gift of writing. Thank you.
6 December 2017

Diane   Please thank that friend for me, Jacqueline! I'm so glad I could hook you and I hope you enjoy some of my other stories as well.

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