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Message 11 - Ellen
What a joy to read a truly smooth storyline - with great grammar and punctuation! I've read others of your creations; and finished THE COURAGE TREE yesterday. I didn't want it to end. Great!
13 July 2017

Diane   And what a joy to read your message! The Courage Tree is one of my earlier books and I'm happy to hear it can still entertain.

Message 12 - ted
Just finished `The Courage Tree` and wanted to say: "What a book"!! Didn't want to let the book down, great story from start to finish.
5 July 2017

Diane   Thanks, Ted. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Message 13 - Donna Easley
Love your books so much. Our book club is reading The Lies We Told this month. Think everyone is going to like it. Thanks for the many good books you have written. Looking forward to Oct for The Stolen Marriage to be available. I entered the Goodreads contest to win a copy. Hope I do, but if not will get it in Oct.
15 May 2017

Diane   I hope your club enjoys The Lies We Told. Good luck in the contest for The Stolen Marriage!

Message 14 - Andrea
Thank you. Just read Pretending to Dance in one sitting. Couldn't put it down.
10 May 2017

Diane   So glad you enjoyed it, Andrea. Thanks for letting me know.

Message 15 - Linda S
Thank you Diane for joining us last night for our Book Club review of Necessary Lies! Our small group enjoyed meeting you and learning more about the writing of this fascinating book.
5 May 2017

Diane   So glad we could work it out. It's always fun to Skype and FaceTime with book clubs. Happy reading!

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