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Message 1156 - Anita Wilson
Hi Diane, I just finished reading "Before The Storm" and I loved it!!! I have read all your books and everyone of them is just awesome, you are such a talented writer!! I can't wait for your next book, it can't come soon enough!! I live in White Oak, NC and I am so happy you are a fellow North Carolinan!!
17 June 2008

Message 1157 - Kim
Hi Diane, I just finished your latest book, Before The Storm, and loved it! We actually will be in NC in that area in July and I would very much like to see TopSail. It's been years since I've been there. I am very much looking forward to your next book and I am hoping that it will come out soon. Keep on writing. I love your books.
17 June 2008

Message 1158 - Debbie
Hi Diane, Just got home from the book signing at Quail Ridge Books and it was such a pleasure to hear you speak and meet you. Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure! I always recommend "Keep of the Light" to anyone looking a good read or anyone I'm trying to encourage to read. No other author can provide the same excitement I feel to one of your new releases!
10 June 2008

Message 1159 - Marilyn Hagmann
I love Before the Storm. You did it again. I have read all of your books except two that are out of date and I am your biggest fan!!!!!! Looking forward to After the Storm. Love you. Never stop writing. You should be as popular as James Patterson. Your talent in making us feel how your characters feel is amazing. Thank you.
9 June 2008

Message 1160 - brenda
I absolutely love BEFORE THE STORM...I believe that all ages will enjoy this book. I hope everyone who comes to your guestbook looks for your previous books also...they can't be beat.
7 June 2008

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