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Message 16 - Barbara Luffman
Diane, it was great to see you again in Davidson this afternoon at Main Street Books! I am so looking forward to reading THE STOLEN MARRIAGE. I love your books!
15 October 2017

Diane   Thank you for coming, Barbara. It was a wonderful crowd! Hope you enjoy The Stolen Marriage.

Message 17 - Sherry Thompson
I just read Secret Lives. I need to know how Eden ended up in a children's home when Kyle was available for her I'm confused on that.Can you explain that or is there another book that continues thank you.
10 October 2017

Diane   Kyle was completely out of touch with the family with his work travels. He was horrified to realize Eden had been in the orphanage. Since I wrote the book in 1990, I have to admit that I can't remember more specifics than that, but I do know he was out of the country. Hope you enjoyed the story.

Message 18 - John Robinson
I am so through with curseless novels. Really,four hundred pages and not even a damn in Corbens offerings . Can you say unrealistic? What, we have serial killers offing right and left but by golly gosh would not cuss. I don't require the cursing but if the genre supports it, I say it should be there
So are these nicey nice writers religious or do they think it will sell more books
7 September 2017

Diane   I wonder if you posted this to the wrong guestbook?Though agree with you. If I ever write about a serial killer--can't imagine it!--he or she will surely have the mouth of a sailor.

Message 19 - Donna Lewis
Just read my first Diane Chamberlain book "Silent Sister" and am now reading "Keeper of the Light" Wow on both. I was so intrigued when you mentioned so many familiar places and settings in NC. We lived in Marshallberg NC, youngest son born in Sea Level, just outside of Beaufort/Morehead City and have eaten at the Sanitary Fish Restaurant each time we go back for a visit. Loved the book! Love the second one already, and love the references to places I know. I am a novice at writing but started a fiction novel about 2 years ago. I truly hope I will be able to finish it some day. I love your writing, very inspiring. Thank you, look forward to reading many more of your books.
31 July 2017

Diane   Thank you, Donna! I want to make sure you know Keeper of the Light is the first in a trilogy--Keeper of the Light, Kiss River and Her Mother's Shadow. I hope you enjoy them all. Good luck with your own writing.

Message 20 - Ellen
What a joy to read a truly smooth storyline - with great grammar and punctuation! I've read others of your creations; and finished THE COURAGE TREE yesterday. I didn't want it to end. Great!
13 July 2017

Diane   And what a joy to read your message! The Courage Tree is one of my earlier books and I'm happy to hear it can still entertain.

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