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Message 16 - Jill Rosenthal
Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading all your books. They are all such brilliant stories and plots, and have helped me find relaxation and escape! I cannot wait for your new book The Stolen Marriage to become available. Well done.
30 April 2017

Diane   Thank you, Jill!

Message 17 - Marie
We did your book Necessary Lies and everyone in our book club enjoyed it. We are looking forward to your new book due out in October 2017.
17 April 2017

Diane   So glad your club enjoyed Necessary Lies. I hope you had a good discussion about an important topic.

Message 18 - Peter
The Escape Artist came out again in UK recently and all I can say is WOW. I expect that those who have read in did not expect that finish. Looking forward to October. Keep up the good work.
16 April 2017

Diane   Thanks, Peter. It's been wonderful to have The Escape Artist available in the UK and I appreciate that feedback. I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

Message 19 - Muna
I've recently come across your books and I've been hooked, reading one after the other. You're an amazing writer. Your characters become part of my life and I truly empathize with them and feel like I know them. Your descriptions of the way people behave and think is so real and you make your readers feel shifts that may not even be perceptible in real life. I not only got hooked on the books, but on the causes behind them. I finished Necessary Lies last week and Breaking the Silence this week. I felt driver to do research and watch videos about those times and the injustice people endured. Thank you for telling these stories. Please keep writing, you're truly inspiring.
2 April 2017

Diane   Thank you for your kind words, Muna. It always makes me happy when a reader not only enjoys my books but digs a little deeper into the inspiration behind them. I hope you'll continue to enjoy my stories.

Message 20 - Gill
Hi just a quick message to let you know how much I enjoyed reading "The Escape Artist"! - it was a brilliant read.I love your books & style of writing & yet again you drew me in with your realistic characters who I picture in my mind as I am reading the story. I was gutted when I finished it & can't wait to read The Stolen Marriage when it comes out. Thanks once again for writing such enjoyable books x
24 March 2017

Diane   Thank you, Gill. So happy you enjoyed The Escape Artist.

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