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Message 21 - Suzanne Carter
I have read many of your books but I have to say I loved the keeper of the light stories . I felt for every character and wish there was a fourth book as I would love to know what happens to each one of them next. Thank you for writing these amazing books . Between looking after my daughter and working they are my true escape .
8 March 2017

Diane   Thank you, Suzanne. It would be fun for me to revisit those characters again to see how their lives are progressing. You never know...maybe someday I will.

Message 22 - Beth Olsson
A friend of mine recommended Necessary Lies and I just finished reading. Loved it! I had to read ahead because I couldn't handle the suspense. I'm terrible, I know. I've been passing the recommendation along to all of my reader friends.
22 February 2017

Diane   Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it, Beth, and for spreading the word. I forgive you for reading ahead!

Message 23 - Hannah
I came across one of your books recently, The Silent Sister, while browsing a local store. Read the first two pages and was hooked. Came home with my purchase and read the entire book that very day! Since then I've happily read another 15 of your books. Absolutely love your writing style, characters and plots. You are a rich and amazing storyteller. Thanks so much for sharing your gift.
15 February 2017

Diane   Thank you for that wonderful message, Hannah. I'm so glad you happened to pick up The Silent Sister. Happy Reading!

Message 24 - Emmie Call
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent. I have listened to every audio book available from my local library of your books and have quickly become a huge fan. I find myself lost in the characters and stories and look forward to each one. I can't wait to hear more and soon plan to delve into reading the books not available in audio.
26 January 2017

Diane   Emmie, Thanks for letting me know you're listening to my books in audio. I believe nearly all of them are available in audio now. I hope you continue to enjoy them!

Message 25 - Marilyn Schulman
Thanks for such a good read. I just read Necessary Lies and I was so excited to keep reading and seeing what would happen next. You are now my new favorite author. Happy and healthy new year to you and thank you🎉♥️
31 December 2016

Diane   Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Necessary Lies, Marilyn. I'm honore to be your new favorite author!

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