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Message 21 - Pattie Billings
I just finished reading The Stolen Marriage. What a compelling story, and so wonderfully written. It invoked so many emotions while reading it (fear, sympathy, anger, anticipation and joy). I love how you base your books on actual historical events. I learn so much about events that helped shaped our nation, while thoroughly enjoying the well written stories. I can't wait for your next book!
30 October 2017

Diane   I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Pattie. I usually write contemporary novels, but I've loved the few historicals I've written and I'm certain I'll visit another era again soon.

Message 22 - Cecile Henion
You have ruined me from reading any other author. I have read all your books this summer except for Stolen Marriage. You are by far the best story teller there is. Your stories have serious, whimsy, heartfelt and so much more. I only wish I could find another good writer. You can't write them fast enough for me.
25 October 2017

Diane   Thank you for taking the time to write this lovely and encouraging message! I hope you enjoy The Stolen Marriage just as much as the other stories.

Message 23 - Roxanne Gross
I had read/listen to so many bad books in a row I was beginning to think people had lost the ability to write a good book or tell a good story. Then Diane released Stolen Marriage and my faith was restored. I enjoyed every minute! To top it off Susan Bennett is the best narrator of all time. She makes the story come to life and is such a pleasure to listen to. These two talented ladies make a wonderful team and a great experience. Thank you Diane for making my dreaded daily commute something I look forward to. Your writing is superb and your stories are wonderful. (And thank you for putting more books on audio)
17 October 2017

Diane   Aww, that is a lovely message to read! Thank you for taking the time to write it. And yes! Susan Bennett is an awesome narrator! Enjoy!

Message 24 - Barbara Luffman
Diane, it was great to see you again in Davidson this afternoon at Main Street Books! I am so looking forward to reading THE STOLEN MARRIAGE. I love your books!
15 October 2017

Diane   Thank you for coming, Barbara. It was a wonderful crowd! Hope you enjoy The Stolen Marriage.

Message 25 - Sherry Thompson
I just read Secret Lives. I need to know how Eden ended up in a children's home when Kyle was available for her I'm confused on that.Can you explain that or is there another book that continues thank you.
10 October 2017

Diane   Kyle was completely out of touch with the family with his work travels. He was horrified to realize Eden had been in the orphanage. Since I wrote the book in 1990, I have to admit that I can't remember more specifics than that, but I do know he was out of the country. Hope you enjoyed the story.

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