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Message 36 - Katie Edwards
Diane, as I was researching books to discover my next escape I came upon Necessary Lies. That was just a few days ago, but I opened it and couldnít put it down. The writing, characters, research and detail are not only remarkable but inspiring. Iíve worked as a caseworker and continue to advance my education to find ways to better make a difference outside of a box. My true aspiring passion, though, is to write and this connected deeply with both. I just finished the book and Iím wired with excitement when I should be sleeping. I canít wait to discover another one of your wonderful novels.
9 December 2016

Diane   Katie, thanks for your kind words and I'm so happy Necessary Lies could inspire you. I hope you WILL write and get as much pleasure from it as I do.

Message 37 - Linda Bowman
I started reading your book "The Silent Sister" today and I can't put it down! I am looking forward to reading your other novels. Thank you for sharing these stories!
6 December 2016

Diane   So happy you're enjoying it, Linda.

Message 38 - Anna Marlow
I have recently read Necessary Lies, and researched more on the Eugenics Program. Being born and raised in North Carolina, I was ashamed to learn more of the deep pain the state caused to innocent people. It broke my heart to read the stories of Mary Ella and Ivy Hart. I understand they were fiction, but it still was heartbreaking. It continued to break my heart as I listened to the victims of the state sterilization. Thank you for writing the stories you do. They are eye-opening and lovely. They really inspire people to look around in the world and see what has happened. I really appreciate your works.
5 December 2016

Diane   Thanks for your kind words, Anna. It touches me that you did more research on your own. The compensation program is bogged down right now. So sad.

Message 39 - Kelly B.
My mother introduced me to your wonderful, engaging books. After she and I both read Necessary Lies, it acted as a catalyst for a conversation about a long forgotten family secret: the NC Eugenics program. We concluded that the unethical program very likely directly impacted two of my great aunts. Thank you for providing a door for us to discuss this very sensitive topic within our family.
24 November 2016

Diane   Kelly, thanks for sharing this. I've heard from other families who were touched by this program. I hope that your aunts were still able to have fulfilling lives.

Message 40 - Rosalind Miale
Hi Diane,I am not a big reader,mostly health and fitness magazines and articles.
If a story doesn't grab me right away,I can walk away from the book.thanks to my sister who loves to read,she was so excited about your books and passed them to me.I have read the 3 lighthouse books and just finished the silent are an awesome author,you have made a reader of me,thanks for sharing your gift.
By the way you mention your brother Robert LoPresti,that's my maiden name!
6 October 2016

Diane   Rosalind, I'm so glad your sister turned you on to my books. Please thank her for me. And my maiden name is, of course, Lopresti (small p) too. Are we related?

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