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Message 41 - Patrick
Hi Diane. I am a reader. I am 61 years old and have always been a reader. I have read hundreds of novels, both fiction and non-fiction. I came across one of your novels on amazon. Necessary Lies. I thought it was wonderfully crafted, so I bought The Silent Sister. Long story short, I now have 6 of your novels stacked up neatly on my desk. I just started reading Keeper of the Light, and when I opened it, which I bought on Amazon, 2 pages were stuck together. I separated them. This edition was a 1992 first edition and there was a signature from you to someone named Alana. It said 'To Alana - one of the people I most admire Enjoy! Diane' I was just wondering if you who she is.
11 September 2016

Diane   Glad you're enjoying my books. And yes, I know who Alana is. I'll contact you via email.

Message 42 - Wayne & Diane Johnson
As members of large, dysfunctional southern families, we were caught up in your book. Graham's words, ..."everyone comes from a dysfunctional family"...certainly resonated with us. We look forward to seeing and hearing you this coming week in West Jefferson at our annual literary festival. All the best,
Wayne & Diane Johnson
11 September 2016

Diane   Thank you! So looking forward to the festival and making my first visit to West Jefferson. See you soon.

Message 43 - Peter
Is there anything new coming up soon please Diane.
4 September 2016

Diane   If you've read Pretending to Dance, you've read my most recent book. It will be reissued in paperback in October in the US. The next as yet untitled book won't be out until October 2017. Thanks for asking1

Message 44 - Karen Rimington
Hello Diane, I started reading your books a couple of years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I have now read 15 of them. I have just finished reading 'Pretending to Dance', and was sad when it was finished. So much of the content resonated with my own life. I too have used CBT to help me in difficult situations, though I never thought of it as 'pretending', but I guess it is. I also have a 14 year old daughter who got herself in a bit of a pickle with an older boy, and I reacted how Nora did, but reading the story from both perspectives of Nora and Molly has helped me to understand what my daughter had gone through, so thank you. Can't wait to read 'The Silent Sister' now.
3 September 2016

Diane   Karen, it's so sweet of you to share how P to D affected you in a personal way. I've heard the same from other readers and that always touches me. Thanks for sharing.

Message 45 - Karie from Maine
Hi Diane! I just read the silent sister and felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed your writing style and flow. The last twist was so well done and unexpected. I am so thankful that a friend recommended your books. I can't wait to read them all! Have a wonderful day :)
12 August 2016

Diane   Thank you, Karie. And thank you friend for me. Enjoy!

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