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Message 41 - Ron
I just finished reading Silent Sister. It is one of the best, if not the best book I have ever read.
I could not stop reading it and this may sound odd, but I was emotionally drained when I finished it.
It was perfect from first word till the last.
29 April 2016

Diane   I love that feeling when I finish a book and I'm delighted I could give you that experience. Thank you so much for letting me know.

Message 42 - florence
I just read pretending to dance and it is totally amazing...I just can't get it off my mind..its a brilliant book and I've also bought half a dozen of your other books...can't wait to read them.
26 April 2016

Diane   What nice comments, Florence. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. Happy Reading!

Message 43 - Emma
Just finished reading pretending to dance! It's the first novel of yours I have read and I must say I will be reading more!! I saw it in the library and it was so catching finished it in 3 days such a lovely story!
18 April 2016

Diane   Thank you, Emma. And please thank your library from me for carrying it!

Message 44 - Bridget
I came across your books a little over a year ago and just finished your 7th novel. I absolutely love your writing and couldn't put a single one of them down. Especially your strong, interesting characters and all the twists in the stories which keep revealing the longer you go keep me completely captivated. Thank you for your amazing books!
13 April 2016

Diane   Thank you for these sweet compliments! They mean a lot to me. Happy reading!

Message 45 - Tabitha Fenderson
I read the silent sister and loved it, so much. I'm currently finishing secrets she left behind . Love them both, can't wait to read more of your novels. Wonderful, Thank you.
24 March 2016

Diane   So glad you enjoyed them, Tabitha. (You may not know that Secrets She Left Behind is a sequel to Before the Storm.)

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