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Message 41 - Emmie Call
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent. I have listened to every audio book available from my local library of your books and have quickly become a huge fan. I find myself lost in the characters and stories and look forward to each one. I can't wait to hear more and soon plan to delve into reading the books not available in audio.
26 January 2017

Diane   Emmie, Thanks for letting me know you're listening to my books in audio. I believe nearly all of them are available in audio now. I hope you continue to enjoy them!

Message 42 - Marilyn Schulman
Thanks for such a good read. I just read Necessary Lies and I was so excited to keep reading and seeing what would happen next. You are now my new favorite author. Happy and healthy new year to you and thank you🎉♥️
31 December 2016

Diane   Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed Necessary Lies, Marilyn. I'm honore to be your new favorite author!

Message 43 - Liz Harte
Loved the prequel. I had already read the book. The prequel was so touching with the dream and then on the zip line when her pink sneakers were on him and he said it was better than the dream. It was also good to see a better side of Trevor and how loving Nora was. My daughter used to dance on my husband's feet. It is a fond memory for him. She was hit by a car when she was 24 and killed. The dancing scene in the prequel brought back so many, fond memories. Thank you.
28 December 2016

Diane   Liz, I'm so sorry for the tragic loss of your daughter. It's hard to imagine the pain. I'm happy The Dance Begins brought back positive memories for you.

Message 44 - Katie Edwards
Diane, as I was researching books to discover my next escape I came upon Necessary Lies. That was just a few days ago, but I opened it and couldnít put it down. The writing, characters, research and detail are not only remarkable but inspiring. Iíve worked as a caseworker and continue to advance my education to find ways to better make a difference outside of a box. My true aspiring passion, though, is to write and this connected deeply with both. I just finished the book and Iím wired with excitement when I should be sleeping. I canít wait to discover another one of your wonderful novels.
9 December 2016

Diane   Katie, thanks for your kind words and I'm so happy Necessary Lies could inspire you. I hope you WILL write and get as much pleasure from it as I do.

Message 45 - Linda Bowman
I started reading your book "The Silent Sister" today and I can't put it down! I am looking forward to reading your other novels. Thank you for sharing these stories!
6 December 2016

Diane   So happy you're enjoying it, Linda.

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