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Message 46 - Cecelia Clark
Hello, I've just read Pretending To Dance, and enjoyed it. But, I noticed that twice in the book you used the expression "could care less" which I have heard several Americans using lately. Oddly never noticed it before recently, but the expression should be "couldn't care less" otherwise it completely changes the meaning. Sorry to be picky, but they really don't mean the same.
5 August 2016

Diane   Yes, you're right! I always misspeak that myself. Glad you enjoyed P to D in spite of it.

Message 47 - Susan Hicks
HI, Diane! I am trying to find the title of the book you wrote using our mutual veterinarian friend in Virginia as a resource and sort of character model. Redhead? I am introducing your work to a friend, and see I have a lot to catch up on myself! Yours very fondly, Susan
25 July 2016

Diane   I think it may be Keeper of the Light, which is the start of a trilogy (Kiss River, Her Mother's Shadow). Thanks for introducing a friend to my books!

Message 48 - Cyndi Williams
I just read The Silent Sister and loved it. I could hardly put it down due to all of the twists to the story. It would make a GREAT movie Will definitely read more of your work!
24 July 2016

Diane   Thank you, Cyndi! I cut your good comment about the necklace so there are no spoilers in the guest book but it is a good idea!

Message 49 - Teresa Hein
Thank you, Diane, for such a great Book Club chat last night with our Amityville, NY group. Everyone enjoyed learning more about your work and your process, as well as your inspiration for Necessary Lies. We truly appreciated your time. Several of our members are also enjoying some of your other books now as well. By the way, that Huntington, NY bookstore I'd mentioned is called The Book Revue and it's at 313 New York Ave. ( Enjoy!
15 July 2016

Diane   I enjoyed Skyping with your group, Teresa, and I hope your members continue to enjoy my books. Thanks for the info on the bookstore!

Message 50 - April M.
Hi Diane! I wanted to thank you and your novels for rekindling my interest in reading. I have been so busy raising my kids in the last 12 years that I had forgotten about my own passions. I stumbled upon one of your older novels first, and was hooked from there. I have since read them all. I very much enjoy how much you share my passion for the North Carolina coastline. I live near Chapel Hill, but always vacation for a week at the time on the coast. Your writing makes me feel like I am there all the time. I look forward to more!
27 June 2016

Diane   Thank you, April. I'm at the coast right now, my favorite place to write. I'm so glad my books could help you rediscover the joy of reading!

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