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Message 51 - Daryl Price
Amazing, couldn't put " Necessary Lies" down. Read every last page... 1st Diane C book but it won't be my last
19 February 2016

Diane   Thank you, Daryl. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Message 52 - Teacher Sheena
Hello!!! Any Filipino here? Right now Im reading the second book of THE STORM which is the SECRETS SHE LEFT BEHIND. The story is so engaging. Although I have many things to do in school still Ifind time to read the book. I hope to have good friends here.
19 February 2016

Diane   Hi Sheena. Welcome! I'm so glad you're enjoying the Topsail Island books.

Message 53 - Lucy Caitlyn Wynne
Just stayed up all night reading the Silent Sister, literally could not put it down :~)
Also greatly enjoyed The Midwife's Confession, Before the storm, Summer's child and Breaking the silence.
Reading your incredible novels has inspired me to finally tell the full truth of my own childhood by writing my memoirs.
Thank you for giving me the key to unlock the prison door after 58 years.
Because of Your writing I will no longer live a life sentence caused by other people's treatment of an innocent child and maybe like you I can reach another floundering, though never truly lost soul.
13 February 2016

Diane   Thank you for letting me know how much you're enjoying my books. It always makes me happy when I can inspire someone else to write. I wish you the best in telling your own story.

Message 54 - Susan Zak
I just finished The Silent Sister and this is one of the best books I have ever read. I literally could not put it down. Just when I think you can't possibly top one of my favorites by you (Midwife's Confession, Necessary Lies) you do! I treasure every book you write but this one truly blew me away. What an amazing story. Thank you. I am so happy I still have many of your books to still read.
26 January 2016

Diane   Thank you for those kind words, Susan. I love that I can keep you entertained!

Message 55 - Cathy Sloan
I read my first Diane Chamberlain book (THE MIDWIFE'S CONFESSION) in November and now have a new author to read. The book was excellent as have the other five I have read since then. I now have 5 of your books out of the library, 3 more reserved as well as a few digital reserves. I purchased the three prequels (love them) and also your first novel which isn't available to borrow. I can't wait to read more. One of the books, THE BAY AT MIDNIGHT took me back to my childhood and teenage years. As child I loved Nancy Drew, as a teenager, I spent time in Seaside Heights with my best friend friend from high school. He grandmother had a house there with attics steps that pulled down like in the book. I had never seen anything like that before. I told her about the book and she too is anxious to read it. Keep writing, your books are awesome.
2 January 2016

Diane   Thanks, Cathy. So happy you're enjoying my books. The Bay at Midnight does seem to be one of those stories that brings back memories for many readers. Hope your friend enjoys it too!

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